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Private Classes

Why private Classes?

  • Trying Yoga for the first time, want more information

  • Prefer a greater level of guidance or more personalized experience 

  • Want to ask questions about yoga practices 

  • Prefer individual attention to alignment and breathing

  • Want to learn about philosophy, relaxation or meditation

  • Are curious about deeper levels, would like to expand knowledge base

  • Interested in focusing on a particular pose or group of poses

  • Need to learn how to modify poses for your body or work more skillfully with (non-acute) injury

  • Want to feel more confident in group classes setting

  • Have a busy schedule, just want to set your own class times

  • Established practitioners feeling stuck in their practice and in need of personalized input

  • Need help creating a structure for personal practice

Are private yoga lessons the right fit for you? Tell us what you are interested in; what your goals and motivations are; and what kind of availability you have in your schedule. Together we will help you meet your needs. 


     Pricing for private classes


Private Class – Your location first session will be 75 minutes $95 discussion and a yoga class

All classes after first session will be 60 minutes -

Your location $75 per session + depending on mileage

Pricing below - Yahoola Yoga Studio location

  • 1st  Private Class   $75 - 75 minutes

  •       Private Class    $70 - 60 minutes

  • 5  Private Classes $325 ($65 per session - 60 minutes per session)

  • Private Group at your location minimum $100 hour class/ $15 per person  + depending on location                                  (extra charge mats & props available)

Private Yoga Class Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

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