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Studio Etiquette & Policies

What to expecT

Yahoola Yoga Studio offers a kind, non-competitive space for people to be comfortable in their own skin while practicing Yoga. Our goal is to help you explore, grow, and thrive all while creating space in your mind, body and spirit--mindfully cultivating self-love and acceptance in the present. Creating the welcoming, nurturing environment that Yahoola strives to achieve needs the your support. We will create a yoga community with an extended hand and an open line of communication with shared ideas.


We offer all the props you may need to practice in class: mats, blocks, straps, blankets, stretchy bands and balls for fascia work. It is always a great thing to have your own mat, but we've got your back covered if you forget. 

Follow these guidelines for a better experience for all.  

What to wear?

Please wear appropriate attire consisting of comfortable, athletic wear which allows the body full range of motion. Please do not walk into the studio with shoes on. Shoes will be removed on the porch before entering the studio.  Be courteous of other students' space - mats are sacred spaces for each individual.  

Best Practices

  • New to Yahoola? Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to fill out the waiver needed. 


  • For returning students, please arrive approx. ten minutes prior to class to sign in and settle on your mat. Class starts promptly and late entry is discouraged as to not disturb class flow.

  • Feel free to bring your own mat - we've got extra clean mats available 

  • Keep conversations to a minimum. Be mindful of your surroundings and help promote equal opportunity for all students. This includes vocalizations like grunts or moans - we all do it but it can be distracting. 

  • We ask that cell phones be silenced or powered down. Cubbies are provided for personal belongingssuch as keys, wallets, etc.

  • We ask that you participate for the full duration of the class. Leaving early can disrupt the flow of the class. 

~ Thank you ~

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